Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Water decals - tips and tricks

One of the newer nail art things is water decals. These are the temporary tattoo of nail land, so I was excited to find out about these. If you remember in my last post talking about bornprettystore sending me things to try out and review for them, this is what they were actually contacting me about reviewing. So I am doing it!

Like most nail art, there is a learning curve. So, I added some tips along the way.

Gather your ingredients. I ended up adding a few other things. Namely tweezers, a different color of nail polish and a quick dry top coat.

1. Paint your base nail color and make sure its dry. Not 'I added a quick dry top coat' dry, but for real.

2. Trim your nail decal. This is NOT trimming.
This poor guy was scrapped because trimming was not working well. At the very least trim around the cuticle area.

Like this. This is a future zigazag at an angle - that is why there is a chunk missing at the edge, that is where the edge of my nail will be.

4. Soak in water for 10-20 seconds. I didn't count, but I was definitely on the 10 second end of things.  Get nail wet so the decal can slide around while you adjust it.

In this one I ended up trimming it more because it actually grew some in the water. So don't be too fastidious in your trimming - or over trim a little. I also used a glass nail file at a 90 degree angle to trim the very edge of the decal even with the edge of my mail.

Another option (since this is a strip of pattern) is to treat it like a color blocking.
Again the edge of the nail is super easy to file off, but the area near the cuticles is harder, so place that in a way you won't have to trim with nail scissors.

5. Blot off any extra water. Coat in a top coat.

I ended up adding some fluorescent pink to my color blocked decal nails. If I had a striping brush or striping tape, I would have outlined the blocking in black to really make it pop.

Polish used: Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator (base coat), Sinful colors Snow Me White (an excellent white polish), SinfulShine At Sea (the blue), Avon MegaWatt (color name sticker came off), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.

Want to try these nail decal strips? Find them here! There are some puzzle piece ones that would be great for autism awareness! Its only a couple of dollars and shipping is free. They also have lots of other neat things that aren't nail related, so check the site out. Also, you can use my coupon code  in the widget on the right to get 10% off your order.

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